SEPTEMBER 9-13, 2021

It’s time to re-ignite our spark—our ‘agni,’ that internal fire we are born with. Lets reconnect to that deep part of ourselves that claims “I can do this.” Do you remember a time when you lived with that kind of enthusiasm? There was a time when I was invigorated by contributing to social change. As a newspaper reporter covering environmental issues in Maryland, then later as a grad student in New York (writing a novel at night and working on Wall Street during the day), and more recently as an editor with a start-up that championed marginalized, female voices—I had that fire. I woke up with excitement. I entered daily invigorating conversations with like-minded, creative, and driven people. But in recent years, life got, well, lifey. Obligations, financial strain, single parenting, health issues...put a damper on my enthusiasm. Motivation got replaced by F E A R, self doubt, necessary jobs for survival that sucked my creative juices, and then negative habits evolved to deal with those necessary jobs. Why am I sharing this with you? Because if you’re feeling off-track, and as if you are drudging through your days filled with distractions and obligations that put you further away from your goals and dreams...then this retreat may just be what you need! Whether you are writing a novel, biography, play, screenplay, memoir, children’s book, TV treatment, blog, cook book, self-help book, or dabbling with therapeutic writing or poetry, join us! There’s something about traveling to an exotic location, leaving behind set routines, and joining a group of people who are setting intentions for well-being, creativity, and positive support—that leaves a watermark of excitement on the soul.

You are not too old. It is not too late. There is time. You have something to say. You are deserving. And it’s okay to have a little fun, too. :) 

I can hardly wait. And after so much time in isolation with this pandemic, we all deserve to focus on wellness and surround ourselves with beauty. In September 2021, we’re off to Maui to meet up with the gorgeous and talented Heather Archer—a yoga teacher who has taught me so much over the years about living an authentic life. I will be teaching restorative and meditative flows, as well as hot sequences. There will be three writing workshops for those interested in chatting with me about writing novels, health and wellness books, writing for magazines, and how to pitch editors and agents. 

If you are not working on a writing project, but want to come, please do! Morning yoga classes that I teach will have a more vigorous pace and focus on intention-setting, with short, manifestation meditations. There will be evening restorative classes. We will be led on a hike to waterfalls with the beautiful Heather. There will be other excursions to explore, such as snorkeling, and swimming with the turtles. For those who want to wander, swim, dream, explore, there will be plenty of opportunity.

Whether you decide to join us or not, just remember: Life may be fleeting. But your passion doesn’t have to be.