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Author’s Bio:

Laura K Roe is the pen name for Laura Roe Stevens, a freelance writer and former magazine editor who has contributed to: The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Sunday opinions page and others. Posts from Laura’s blog has led to appearances and interviews with the Dr. Drew’s Life Changer’s show, The Queen Latifah show, CNNfn, Huff Post, on topics ranging from business, to careers, to parenting to dating. She has written three novels and is half-way through a fourth. She is represented by Delia Berrigan of Martin Literary Management. 

While her novel Uriel’s Mask is a work of fiction, it is deeply rooted. Born and raised in North Carolina, Laura’s family home bordered a former tobacco farm where she spent childhood days exploring abandoned slave shacks and horse trails where she discovered rusted out wagons and old rag dolls—traces of a by-gone era that fed her insatiable need to tell stories. Laura’s nanny was an illiterate woman, a child of a freed slave, whose daughter was able to attend college with the help of Laura’s mother, a champion of women’s rights and equality. As a reporter in the North Carolina mountains, upon graduating with a history degree from The University of Georgia, Laura uncovered the true story of an artist who was a freed slave. This woman made masks to honor the spirits of female slaves who visited her with the need to be seen and heard. These are just a few of the inspirations for her unique novel that reminds readers that art and music are needed more today, than ever before. 

Between Thoughts of You, Laura's third novel, has been described as a cross between The Descendants and The English Patient. It was created during multiple trips to her beloved Hawaii and Italy. Some say it is a quest to examine what love is, what love isn't, how it endures, and how those we hold the most dear travel with us across the globe, even if just in our hearts.

Lucifer's Laughter, Laura's MFA thesis approved by her advisor Barbara Probst-Solomon, is a psychological mystery. A sister's desire to learn the truth about her big sister's disappearance and death, leads her to a small island in Maine where nothing is as it appears to be. While Laura loves this story and is grateful to the late Ms. Probst-Solomon, she knows it needs a world of tweaking before submitting to an editor. Stay tuned!

Jupiter's Weight, Laura's fourth novel still in creation, explores the mysteries of the mind during times of trauma. Inspired by true stories of temporary amnesia (including that of Agatha Christie), Roe delves into a story— as bizarre, as it is relatable—that examines the psychic effects from betrayal, trauma, manipulation, and the power of artistic expression to free the spirit within. More than just two women’s voyage to free one another, Jupiter’s Weight is a murder mystery unlike any other.

A southerner with wanderlust, Laura has lived in New York and London, but now resides by the Pacific Ocean in southern California where she raises two sons and one ferocious kitten. When not writing, Laura teaches yoga and meditation virtually and in Los Angeles, and leads Writers Workshops and Writers Retreats.

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