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Writing, Editing, Mentorship, Workshops & Retreats

"I was introduced to Laura by a mutual acquaintance who said 'I have just the right person to help you with writing your book ... she'll be perfect.' That assessment actually undersold Laura — working with Laura — and the resulting book proposal — was beyond 'perfect.' Laura, not only guided me though the process seamlessly, I honestly couldn't tell you where 'her work' and 'my thoughts' began and ended — the book proposal was far better than anything I could have imagined. Even better still, Laura was able to identify and bring to life 'my authentic voice' which probably was the one thing with which I had been struggling the most." ~ Scott Kratzer, author of the upcoming book: 

The Ampersand Mindset, and Management Consultant

Full Service Consulting

Are you working on a book and seek advice, guidance, an editor, or ghost writer? Laura has done all and more. She works with clients in a range of fields: business, self-help, cookbook, memoir, health and wellness, parenting, spirituality, and fiction. Laura has a range of experience within writing and editing and has the unique ability to help her clients dig deep to find their authentic voice, strengths, and to foster wellness habits to banish fear that often arises during the creation process. For past clients, she has assisted with crafting synopsis, book proposals, agency pitches (and research into the best agents to pitch), manuscripts edits (both for grammar and structure), ghost writing of manuscripts and even research for additional adjunct materials or books to generate revenue and attract more consistent readers - as well as introductions to colleagues within the publishing and media industries. She also shares her strategies and experience within publicity options.

"Laura was my muse for years! She helped me hone my voice, tighten prose, organize and create and publish articles to promote my book and expand my platform and kept me inspired about my baby! My cookbook and detox cleanses are my life's passion. Laura is an angel!" Peggy Curry, Founder, Curry Girls Kitchen, Co-Founder  author: A Damn Good Gluten-Free CookBook

Fees vary per project. Sliding scale structure and payment options are available.

Writing Workshops 

Laura's unique approach will help you jump-start your writing project, garner clarity and confidence in your voice and vision, and foster inspired action within a supportive & mindful community. She combines stress-relief techniques, insightful support, craftsmanship tips from industry veterans, and valuable advice and introductions to guest agents and editors. 

"I don't know if Laura is a better writer, editor, or yoga teacher. Seriously. I've been her yoga student for years and recently attended one of her virtual writing workshops for help and inspiration for a children's book. It was a great experience and, to be honest, better than some expensive publishing conferences I've attended, as she brought in an agent and former publishing house editor who spoke for an hour, answered questions, and agreed to read proposals and synopsis/ pitch letters from Laura's participants. It's an amazing opportunity to network, garner inspiration, and find support from other writers." ~ Lorie Zerweck, Producer (Film / TV). 

Laura's virtual writing workshops are offered  in four-week intervals. ALL writers are welcome. Past workshop participants include veteran and beginning journalists, screenwriters, budding authors of: women's upmarket fiction, mystery, YA, memoir, business, self-help, children's, cookbook, travel, poetry, and musical theater. Here, you will find less criticism, techniques to thwart anxiety and doubt, and supportive, insightful ways to tap into your voice, your creativity, your flow, your joy.
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Writing & Creativity Retreats

Laura hosts retreats around the globe. Next summer, she is going back to Chebeague Island, Maine. This tiny Casco Bay island, where her grandparents and father spent every summer, has a long history that includes Penobscot Indians, local traditions, and unfathomable natural beauty. To learn more about the award-winning authors who will be speaking at this intimate event, read my POST. 

After garnering her MFA in New York, and spending many years as a journalist, and now working on her fourth novel and first screenplay, Laura is a firm believer that unique writing steams from those who feel free and unburdened by doubt, self criticism, perfectionism, or comparisons. It demands that writers let go of Ego-driven thoughts and take breaks by moving within inspired locations that foster better intuitive connection. Of course, support from fellow writers and informative chats and networking opportunities are always important for inspiration!

So, come for the day, or spend a few days at The Chebeague Island Inn. . Options to purchase additional one-on-one time with experts is available for additional cost.

Space is limited for this intimate writers chat & happy hour on August 7, 2024.  Want to learn more?


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