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Writing Workshops & Retreats

Laura's unique approach will help you to jump-start your writing project, garner clarity and confidence in your voice and vision, and foster inspired action within a supportive & mindful community. She combines stress-relief techniques, insightful support, craftsmanship tips from industry veterans, and valuable advice from agents and editors. Explore her virtual writing workshops, writing retreats held across the globe, and creativity retreats with Canyon Ranch.   

Writing Workshops

Join Laura's virtual writing workshops, offered in four-week intervals. Within this inspired community, you will meet other writers, as well as guest speakers (past speakers include literary agents, publishing house editors, and published authors). Expect to learn about honing first pages, how to nail the dreaded synopsis, first sentences that wow editors and agents, and creating elevator pitches and one sentence descriptions. Of course, the story and characters are the main show. Learn best practices to garner momentum and high-stakes structure that keep readers engaged—while still creating unique and powerful characters to fall in love with, (or love to hate!)

ALL writers are welcome. Past writing workshop participants include veteran and beginning journalists, screenwriters, authors of: women's upmarket fiction, mystery series, YA, memoir, business, self-help, children's, cookbook, travel, erotica, poetry, and musical theater. Here, you will find less criticism, techniques to thwart anxiety and doubt, and supportive, insightful ways to tap into your voice, your creativity, your flow, your joy.
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Writing Retreats

Laura hosts retreats around the globe. This summer, she will host a three-day writing retreat on a small island in Maine with a long history that includes Penobscot Indians, family traditions, and unfathomable natural beauty.

After garnering her MFA in New York, and spending many years as a journalist, Laura is a firm believer that unique writing steams from those who feel free and unburdened by doubt, self criticism, perfectionism, or comparisons. Therefore, to banish fear, a focus on breath, movement, and meditation is a part of each retreat. Not a meditator? No problem, just a walk or hike in nature and time spent in breathtaking spots with inspiring vistas, will help to expand, open, and relax the mind to allow creativity to flow! 

Laura promises to dare all participants to immerse themselves into their characters, stories, worlds that they will "paint" within sketches and exercises that later can be rolled into scenes. Her time at The Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies (now Salt Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies at Maine College of Art & Design) taught her the value of "dropping in" to surroundings. Listening. Noticing. Observing. The lessons from documentary studies parlays well into fiction (or any good writing) to better craft unique voices, characters, and magical surroundings. 

Expect veteran speakers at Laura's retreat. Past speakers include authors, editors, award-winning journalists, and literary agents. Space is limited for this intimate retreat on July 31 - Aug. 2, 2023.  Want to learn more?


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