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Author * Publishing Consultant * Yoga & Meditation Teacher

My meditation book & journal is on sale for $2.99 and ALL proceeds will go to charities helping victims of the devastating Maui fires. Purchase my book on AMAZON HERE. Mahalo!  

"I don't know if Laura is a better writer, editor, or yoga teacher. Seriously. I've been her yoga student for years and recently attended one of her virtual writing workshops for help and inspiration for a children's book. It was a great experience and, to be honest, better than some expensive publishing conferences I've attended, as she brought in an agent and former publishing house editor who spoke for an hour, answered questions, and agreed to read proposals and synopsis/ pitch letters from Laura's participants. It's an amazing opportunity to network, garner inspiration, and find support from other writers." ~ Lorie Zerweck, Producer (Film / TV). 

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